A think tank geared toward helping the mold and die industry operate more efficiently and transparently through the use of technology.

Whether you are the CEO or on the shop floor Red E Innovations makes your problems our business. We use technology to provide real-time information to the people who need it, when they need it. We also make, preventative maintenance, locating, setting, repairing and storing your molds and dies a much easier process. Please see our two direct sale platforms below:

The Red E Vault data storage device: Never lose your owner's manual again with on mold data storage.

Mold And Die Monitor: 100% wireless, performance, location and PM monitors for your molds and dies.

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Mold and Die Monitor

Patent Pending

100% Wireless, Industrial grade monitors with 24x7 access. Mold & Die Monitor An end-to-end solution for your mold and die performance monitoring needs. The MAD Monitor tracks cycle count, cycle time, location and other mold performance data and wirelessly transmits updates, directly to the monitor owner, anywhere in the world.

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The Red E Vault data storage device

U.S. Patent No. 9,239,938

Keep your mold's important data where it belongs – on your mold. Quickly and easily retrieve the documents you need, while keeping your mold’s data secure and protected. Permanent installation means critical information is always on mold and accessible. Virtually indestructible, the Red E Vault data storage device is designed to stand up to harsh working environments, and unlike other storage systems, requires no batteries.

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